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BMW X7 concept: Leaked pictures

09/07/2017 22:56:58
BMW X7 concept: Leaked pictures
If you were thinking that BMW couldn’t get more absurd with its new cars after the CSL Hommage concept, then you are wrong.

If you were thinking that BMW couldn’t get more absurd with its new cars after the CSL Hommage concept, then you are wrong. And we’ve got some proof! BMW has just announced its new BMW X7 concept.



We’re not supposed to see this car just yet, but thanks to some leaked images that have appeared on internet, we’re getting an early look. And my, what big teeth it has. It previews BMW’s first crack at a ‘Murica-friendly, full size, three-row SUV. As well as the aforementioned nashers - which we’re hoping get toned down a touch for the production version - the X7 also sports a similar ‘gill’ design behind the front arches, echoing a similar arrangement on the current 5-series and 7-series.There aren’t any details to go along with the images just yet, but we can be pretty sure this buck-toothed, enormo-SUV is a plug-in hybrid. The eagle-eyed among you probably spotted the giveaways: there are ‘i’ and ‘eDrive’ badges, what looks like a charging flap, plus you might have also clocked the word ‘hybrid’ on the digital instrument cluster (below).



Along with the inevitable hybrid model, the production version should also receive the usual range of 3.0-litre straight-six diesels and petrols, a V8 and maybe even the M760Li’s 6.6-litre V12. Well, it’d be rude not to pop it in there…


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