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08/18/2014 20:11:32
When to buy a car and why namely then? There’s always a time of year to get the lowest prices, best services and biggest inventory on cars for sale. Here’s an infographic to help you plan your year when you are about shopping for a car.

When to buy a car and why namely then?

There’s always a time of year to get the lowest prices, best services and biggest inventory on cars for sale. Here’s an infographic to help you plan your year when you are about shopping for a car.



A vehicle will be one of the most expensive purchases one ever makes. Many of us get a panic attack when they are about to choose a suitable car. In the 21th century, the best way to search for a car that fits you is by browsing the Internet, comfortable at your home and not wandering endlessly through the lines of cars at an auction.

Because arriving at a dealership (as the research shows) 52% of people still are not sure which car they’d like to buy. In fact, 83% of car buyers investigate different car models and their prices online before attending the showrooms.

As we know, salespeople are not so willing to drop the price of their cars, that’s why there are some periods of time when they make discounts to only just sell at least one item. So which are those? We’ve separated the periods to make it easier for you:



Best time of the year

- Summer is the best time to buy a used car because dealers are dropping prices and doing it often.

- Winter. Convertibles and sports cars are out of season and have probably been collecting dust for a few months. Lower demand means better prices, particularly on used vehicles. The average price drop on a used vehicle is 5.42%. This suggests that the price drop amount is just as limited in February and March.

- Autumn. September and October mean it’s the End of Model Year for many types of cars. Dealers and manufacturers want to get rid of prior year models to make room for new ones.

- Holidays. The holidays mean empty dealerships and budgets spent on gifts. Dealers scramble to get rid of the prior year’s inventory and salesmen want to earn bonuses. Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve are amazing days to find discounts.



Best time of the month

- The beginning of the month tends to have less traffic and idle salesmen may be willing to deal.

- At the end of the month the sales team wants to hit their monthly plans because there is usually an incentive to make bonuses. That’s why on the last day, you’re more lucky to find the sales team ready to work with you on price.

- The last week of December is especially good because of the double “ends” of month and year.



Best time of week & day

- Most people shop for cars on Saturdays and Sundays, so salesmen have a steady stream of customers. But especially on Monday and Tuesday salesmen are bored, hungry for sales and looking for customers.

- Select your visit wisely and make your purchase in the morning, because everyone is excited and pumped to sell cars.


Keeping all of this in mind will certainly help when you want to buy cars for cheap prices.

Note that dealerships want vehicles to stay on their lot for about 60 to 90 days only. If they can’t sell the vehicle in that time, they send it to an auction for lower price. Repokar Public auto auction alerts members by email every time when the cars you want the most are listed, so you can keep track of them faster.  



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